•  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>
  •  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>
  •  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>

Board of Directors


Mr. Adrian Secelean is President of Electroprecizia Board since October 2014. He earned his Economist’s diploma in Finance Banking at Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. He graduated two Masters, one with specialization Accounting- Financial Auditing and Counseling at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, and the second with specialization in National Security and Defence at National Defence University "Carol I". He starts as an entrepreneur in April 1990 when he sets up the 14th small enterprise in Brasov County. The newly established company Intercom SRL becomes in the period 1991-1998 the regional dealer for the company Coca Cola. In 1994 he founded SC Intercom SA, which is engaged in trade of metallurgical products, becoming the Sidex authorized products distributor. In the same year established also SC Tramar SA, specialized in domestic and international car transport. In the period 1996-1997 acquires a package of 97% shares of ATECO SA (formerly ITA Covasna), accredited for domestic and international freight and people transport. During the period 1994-2010 successfully led the companies Intercom SA, Tramar SA and ATECO SA, ocuppied the administrator position. In 1998 he took part at Electroprecizia privatization process, jointly with the PASEP association, taking together the majority of 64.66% of the company Electroprecizia. In 2008, after fulfilling contractual obligations, Intercom SA, holds the controlling with 49.7% from the company. During the period 2001-2011 is administrator at Electroprecizia. Since 2008 proposed and supported the initiative on the reorganization and transformation of the companies from Electroprecizia group, as a holding structure, being established limited liability companies legally independent. In 2010 he was the initiator of electro-tehnical cluster ETREC, which aims to create a favorable economic climate for the development of the industrial environment, the main income-generating area, economic contributing mainly to the economic, social and cultural development of the whole geographical area in which the cluster operates. In October 2014 returns as a member of Electroprecizia Board and is elected as president, with the objectives of making the platform a technology industrial park, to consolidate and develop the companies from the group, to promote internal and external the companies from the group and the Electroprecizia brand.

Mr. Laurenţiu CIOCÂRLAN

Mr. Laurenţiu CIOCÂRLAN joined the Raiffeisen Capital & Investment team in 2003 and he holds the title of Head of Investment Banking Department. This department is specialized in intermediation services for issues of financial instruments, and also in acquisition and merger transactions. Before this time, Laurenţiu worked in private equity for Trans Bankan Romania Fund, and also as auditor and financial consultant for the local office of Arthur Andersen. Moreover, he worked as independent consultant for the World Bank, context which provided him with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the field of public utilities. He gained vast expertise in different types of transactions, both on the capital and private markets, and various industries, from production to services.


Dl. Dragoş ZAVARACHE, the Manager of Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance SRL since July 2013. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics, specialization Marketing, in 2006, graduating from the Faculty of Marketing, Transilvania University of Brasov. In 2010 he graduated from the Business Management and Communication Master Program of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of Bucharest, The National School of Political and Administrative Studies. He attended courses of Project Manager, Public Procurement Expert, Expert in accessing European Structural and Cohesion Funds, Auditor in the field of Quality Assurance. He is currently attending courses of Master Manager rank 7 in Management at Chartered Management Institute – Manchester U.K. and of Executive MBA in International Financing at Sheffield University U.K. He started his professional activity as business consultant at Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, being responsible for drawing up projects aimed to obtain non-reimbursable grants from the European structural funds and those allocated from the Romanian state budget and for SOPHRD projects implementation. He taught Transilvania University PhD and Master’s students the course of Project Manager within a SOPHRD European project: “Edu-Antreprenor”. He joined Electroprecizia team in July 2011 as Expert in accessing European funds (Project Manager), he drew up projects aimed to obtain non-reimbursable grants from the European structural funds and those allocated from the Romanian state budget. Two of his projects drawn up for the companies of Electroprecizia platform obtained the relevant approvals. He has been appointed as manager of Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance SRL since July 2013.