•  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>
  •  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>
  •  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>


Social Responsibility is a management process through which Electroprecizia whishes to contribute to the development of a sustainable and competitive group of Romanian companies. We are committed to solving the social problems of the community where we carry out our activity; Electroprecizia Group takes into consideration the interests of the society and assumes responsibility towards employees, shareholders, community and environment. Social responsibility represents an integral part of Electroprecizia Group business strategy. Our vision in terms of CSR is to promote our values such as product quality, customer respect, tradition, reliability and professionalism. They represent the foundation of our performance. We chose to get involved into certain domains such as: education, sport, humanitarian actions, environment, community development, commitment to employees.


Young generation is the most important value for the Romanian society of tomorrow. We are actively involved in supporting the children of our employees, contributing both financially and socially to their professional development. We support them to take part to international competitions and contests.


We support the sports contests (tennis and cross-country running) that take place within the local community.

Humanitarian Actions

People are our goal and we always try to help those in need. We provide material aid to the disadvantaged employees and to those with serious problems.


We take in consideration the impact of our activities on the environment and we strive to implement feasible solutions in order to lower the pollution bellow the national and European admitted limits. The environmental management system complies with ISO14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001 and it is certified by SGS..

The certification comes as a recognition of the efforts made by Electroprecizia Group team that supposed:

  • To implement an environmental policy
  • To analyze the impact on the natural environment
  • To continuously improve the environmental performances

All activities potentially harmful for the environment are totally controlled, all environmental factors (powder emissions, wastewater evacuation, waste management) are monitored, and the environmental compliance is guaranteed by the existence of certain internal procedures known and implemented by all employees.

The concern for labor security, issue of central importance for the Electroprecizia Group, starts from the conviction that any work accident happens accidentally and can be avoided. Thus, irrespective of his position, every person is responsible for accident prevention.

ELECTROPRECIZIA Group which comprises the companies Electroprecizia SA, Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL, Electroprecizia Automotive Equipment SRL, Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment SRL, Electroprecizia Tools Production SRL, Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance SRL, Electrorpecizia Cast Production SRL and Tramar SA has as main goal:

“To meet the expressed or implied requests of customers and other interested parties in an economically efficient and lucrative way, to monitor the environmental factors and ensure the ways to prevent pollution and, in the same time, to provide the employees with a work environment of minimal risk in terms of health and occupational security.”

Preventive and corrective measures: Electroprecizia Group intends to reduce through its future activity the negative environmental impact of equipments:

  • Proper storage of raw materials
  • Proper storage of technological and domestic waste
  • Periodical waste dispatch
  • Prompt intervention in case of pollution accidents
  • Decrease of gas and electricity consumption

Community Development

Electroprecizia Group supports the local community by employing over 1,000 individuals, also being the main tax payer to the local budget and employer in Săcele. We have created over 1,000 jobs, out of which 8 are held by disabled individuals.

Commitment to Employees

The company’s success depends on the value of its employees. For Electroprecizia Group the employees represent the main resource for its development, and the care for them is essential. Company’s personnel enjoys:

  • Workplace stability and safe working conditions;
  • Opportunities to grow;
  • Employee contribution recognition;
  • Potential for promotion through internal contests;
  • Training and development opportunities through the annual program of training and employee professional improvement, so that people be able to grow for the position they aim within the company;
  • The company praises and protects the occupational health and security of its employees. Electroprecizia offers to its employees with problems or special needs flexible or part-time working schedule during the time recommended by the physician.