•  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>
  •  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>
  •  <h2> Professional Solutions </h2> <hr /> <p>Quickly and effectively to a quality business </p>


Electroprecizia Group Executive Board

Adrian SECELEAN – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Adrian Secelean is CEO from 1 february 2016. He earned his Economist’s diploma in Finance Banking at Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti. He graduated two Masters, one with specialization Accounting- Financial Auditing and Counseling at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, and the second with specialization in National Security and Defence at National Defence University "Carol I". He starts as an entrepreneur in April 1990 when he sets up the 14th small enterprise in Brasov County. The newly established company Intercom SRL becomes in the period 1991-1998 the regional dealer for the company Coca Cola. In 1994 he founded SC Intercom SA, which is engaged in trade of metallurgical products, becoming the Sidex authorized products distributor. In the same year established also SC Tramar SA, specialized in domestic and international car transport. In the period 1996-1997 acquires a package of 97% shares of ATECO SA (formerly ITA Covasna), accredited for domestic and international freight and people transport. During the period 1994-2010 successfully led the companies Intercom SA, Tramar SA and ATECO SA, ocuppied the administrator position. In 1998 he took part at Electroprecizia privatization process, jointly with the PASEP association, taking together the majority of 64.66% of the company Electroprecizia. In 2008, after fulfilling contractual obligations, Intercom SA, holds the controlling with 49.7% from the company. During the period 2001-2011 is administrator at Electroprecizia. Since 2008 proposed and supported the initiative on the reorganization and transformation of the companies from Electroprecizia group, as a holding structure, being established limited liability companies legally independent. In 2010 he was the initiator of electro-tehnical cluster ETREC, which aims to create a favorable economic climate for the development of the industrial environment, the main income-generating area, economic contributing mainly to the economic, social and cultural development of the whole geographical area in which the cluster operates. In October 2014 returns as a member of Electroprecizia Board and is elected as president.

Karoly KATONA – Deputy Chief Executive Officer Adjunct 

Mr. KATONA has been holding the title of Deputy Chief Executive Manager since October 2008. He coordinates the commercial, acquisition and investing activities of ELECTROPRECIZIA group of companies. He graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Cluj in 1985, being granted the title of Mechanical Engineer. In 2002 he graduated the program of Master in Economy from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, specialization Accounting and Financial Audit. He has managerial expertise in establishing, operating, developing, privatizing, and reorganizing the trading companies. Such expertise was attained through 5 years of activity in the field of privatization at the National Agency for Privatization and State Property Fund, being also the representative in the General Meetings of Shareholders and the Boards of Directors of the trading companies in which the Romanian State owned shares, and through the coordination of INTERCOM S.A. of Sf. Gheorghe over a period of 11 years.

Managers of Subsidiaries

Ştefan RÂŞNOVEANU – Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL

Mr. Ştefan RÂŞNOVEANU is the Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Motors since November 2015. He has been the Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL since 2011/December 2012 until May 2015. In 1991, graduated the Faculty of Machine Constructions of Transilvania University of Brasov. He attended the course of competitive management (CODECS), the course of design and improvement of manufacturing processes and introduction to Kaizen, 5s, tpm at Jica Japan and a series of courses at CALITOP Romania: Advanced Quality Plan Product (Aqpp), Measurement System Analysis (Msa), Failure Mode and Defect Analysis (Fmea), Statistical Proces Control (Spc), Quality Function Deployment (Qfd). He started his activity in 1984 at Electroprecizia, as tool and die maker, he was promoted becoming engineer in technology design, continuing with an expertise of 13 years in the field of quality assurance, acting as head of Technical Quality Control Department of Die-Cast and Galvanizing Divisions, head of Technical Quality Control Department of Electric Motors Division, head of Technical Quality Control Service, and in 2000 he became the Quality Manager. Starting from December 2010 he acted as Operations Manager at Electroprecizia S.A., in May 2011 becoming Manager at Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL. Between February 2012 and November 2012 he took over the title of Operations Manager within the company, in December 2012 returning to the position of Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL. From June 2015 he has been the Quality Manager of Electroprecizia.

Marius Zaharescu – Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL

Is Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Motors SRL since November 2015.  Mr. ZAHARESCU earned his degree in engineering in 1984, specialization Machine Construction Technology, Faculty of Machine Construction, Transilvania University of Brasov. In 1985, after his graduation he was employed on Electroprecizia platform, in different sectors, each one with its own contribution to the current expertise, out of which we shall mention: engineering technologist at Tool Manufacturing Unit, Head of workshop at Tool Manufacturing Unit, Head of Production Preparation Department – sector which, beyond the technical knowledge previously gained, contributed to the development of managerial competences and of expertise in marketing, head of Electric Motor Design workshop – sector led throughout the difficult period of change of the main product of Electroprecizia, i.e. from automotive electrical equipment to electric motors, senior conception engineer – period which led to the start of collaboration with major European producers of electric motors, technical manager, marketing manager – the position where he used his entire experience gained in all previous positions, and which, as period of time, coincided with the economic crisis, succeeding in maintaining the costumers’ interest  towards our products. In March 2011 he became Manager of Electroprecizia Tools Production SRL. He changed the mentality and profile of company’s activity from tool producer for Electroprecizia platform into the one of tool producer for the external customers, but also for different states of Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, etc.). Since november 2015 has been Sales Manager at Electroprecizia Electrical Motors Srl.

Nicoleta VOICESCU - Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment SRL

Mrs. VOICESCU has been the Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment SRL since 2009 and from April 2015 till October 2016 was Manager of Electroprecizia Automotive Equipment SRL. She earned her Business management MBA in July 2014 at Transilvania University. She earned her Bachelor's degree in engineering, title of Mechanical Engineer, in 1993 at the Faculty of Mechanics, specialization Machine-Tools of Transilvania University of Brasov. She attended the course of pedagogy in 1993, courses of Kaizen techniques and project manager, but also the programs Performance in career and business for women, FLEXINOV – Flexible and innovative enterprises and ENTRE(pre)NEUR for PERFORMANCE where she attended specialization courses. She is currently a Transilvania University MBA student. She joined the Electroprecizia Group in September 1986 as tool maker – Test Equipment and Tools Unit, acting also as milling-machine operator, quality control analyst – Tool Manufacturing Unit. She gained a 6-year expertise as design engineer at the Technology for Electric Motors Design Workshop and a 9-year expertise of management specialized on instrument panel electrical apparatus, switches, shifters, and ABB export electric motors. In March 2009 she became the Manager of Electroprecizia Electrical Equipment SRL.

Florin Ster - Manager of Electroprecizia Automotive Equipment SRL

Mr. Ster became the administrator of Electroprecizia Automotive Equipment in October 2016. He obtained a diploma as economist at the Faculty of Economics in Targoviste, specialization Management. He graduated courses of project manager, negotiations, sales and trainer. He accumulated his professional experience in various national or multinational companies, where he developed skills in sales management and production.

Aurelian Grigore - Manager of Electroprecizia Tools Production SRL

Is Manager of Electroprecizia Tools Production Srl since October 2016. An ambitious and dedicated person he graduated the Automation Faculty from Transilvania University in 2003. The professional development is focused on LEAN management systems but also on the management side. He followed courses for instructors, optimizing production flows, 5S, SMED, project manager, management excellence and he has gained production knowledges in multinational companies with different profiles. 

Constantin STOIAN - Manager of Electroprecizia Cast Production SRL

Mr. Constantin STOIAN is the Manager of Electroprecizia Cast Production Srl since January 2011. In 1986 he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering at the University of Brasov, Faculty of Machine Construction Technology, profile Metallurgy, specialization Foundry. He attended the courses of “Management and Quality Assurance Systems”, “Supply chain, Sale and Communication Management”, “Improvement Course in the Field of Management”, “Sales Negotiation Techniques”, “Trainer of Trainers/Training Programs Management”, and “Process Improvement Manager”. He started as engineering technologist at Electroprecizia SA, he was the head of Mechanical Processing Workshop, head of Supply Service, head of Electric Motor General Assembly Workshop and deputy head of Electric Motors Department.

Dragoş ZAVARACHE – Manager of Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance SRL

Mr. ZAVARACHE is the Manager of Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance SRL since July 2013. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics, specialization Marketing, in 2006, graduating from the Faculty of Marketing, Transilvania University of Brasov. In 2010 he graduated from the Business Management and Communication Master Program of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of Bucharest, The National School of Political and Administrative Studies. He attended courses of Project Manager, Public Procurement Expert, Expert in accessing European Structural and Cohesion Funds, Auditor in the field of Quality Assurance. He is currently attending courses of Master Manager rank 7 in Management at Chartered Management Institute – Manchester U.K. and of Executive MBA in International Financing at Sheffield University U.K. He started his professional activity as business consultant at Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, being responsible for drawing up projects aimed to obtain non-reimbursable grants from the European structural funds and those allocated from the Romanian state budget and for SOPHRD projects implementation. He taught Transilvania University PhD and Master’s students the course of Project Manager within a SOPHRD European project: “Edu-Antreprenor”. He joined Electroprecizia team in July 2011 as Expert in accessing European funds (Project Manager), he drew up projects aimed to obtain non-reimbursable grants from the European structural funds and those allocated from the Romanian state budget. Two of his projects drawn up for the companies of Electroprecizia platform obtained the relevant approvals. He has been appointed as manager of Electroprecizia Construct Maintenance SRL since July 2013

Nicolae Trimbitas – Manager of Electroprecizia Security and Protection SRL

Mr. TRÎMBIŢAŞ has been the Manager of Electroprecizia Security and Protection SRL since October 2011. He obtained the degree of (Intelligence) Security Officer in 1997, “Nicolae Titulescu” Faculty of Law, University of Craiova and the degree in judicial studies in 1997 at “Nicolae Titulescu” Faculty of Law, University of Craiova. He was granted the post-university improvement graduation certificate for 1-year courses he attended in the specialization of MARKETING AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION organized at West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Economic Sciences. In 2011 he earned a Shooting Ground Instructor Certificate, a Security Agent CERTIFICATE, and in 2012 a Certificate of Private Investigator, and a Graduation Certificate for the trade of “Trainer” U1-U8 (from training preparation to evaluation, revision and quality assurance of training programs and stages). In 1981 he started working as auto mechanic, auto instructor and racecar driver at ACR (Romanian Automobile Club) – Brasov Branch. He has a 14-year experience as Executive Officer, obtaining and valuing information in the filed of national security, and activities in the field of anti-terrorism and anti-hijacking protection on the International Airport of Timişoara, holding during the last 5 years leading and coordination positions. Since 2001 he has acted as superior officer with executive, leading and coordination tasks in the field of operational management – classified information. Since 2011 he has been a mediator for amicable settlement of disputes and lecturer-coordinator for professional training courses, Security Agent qualification.

Claudiu APOSTOL – Manager of TRAMAR SA

Mr. APOSTOL is the Manager of TRAMAR SA since 2009. He graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Mechanics, Department of Automotive Engineering, specialization RoadTransport of Transilvania University of Brasov. He is a safety counselor for the transportation of dangerous goods according to ADR and he is specialized in Transport and Distribution Management organized by Supply Chain Management Center. He currently attends the Supply Chain Management specialization program organized by Supply Chain Management Center. He has a 15-year expertise in the strategic approach within an organization of the transport department, development of transport and distribution solutions both for own interest and in contexts of externalization, contract negotiation, assessment and decision in respect of new possibilities to develop the transport activity, drawing up offer requests and analyzing offers for service provision in case of different modes of transportation (road, air, water, rail).