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Press Releases

Electroprecizia Săcele invests in alternative energy sources and environmental protection

Electroprecizia S.A. will invest more than three million Euros in achieving the target Electroprecizia Small-Hydro Power Plant. The project is intended to materialize into a power plant that will value the hydro-energetic potential resulted from the raw fall between the raw water intake and Săcele water treatment plant.

Târlung-Săcele accumulation represents the main source of drinking-water for the cities Brasov and Săcele, serving around 300,000 individuals, i.e. 87% of the entire population of Brasov county. At this time, the storage capacity of the reservoir is of 18.3 million m3, but at the end of investment works of phase 1 – increasing the dam’s height – its capacity will grow to 28 million m3.

“In 2012 we started a project that would have positive effects on multiple plans: creation of new jobs, protection of jobs existing at Electroprecizia, protection of environment and increased security for the drinking-water supply. Exploiting the hydro-energetic potential in the area will result in nonpolluting energy, from renewable source, the potential pollutant emissions being thus eliminated. Moreover, as a company, we will be able to cover between 60 to 70 percent of the Electroprecizia Group’s electricity consumption. This will have a significant positive impact on our efforts to maintain the competitiveness on the external markets and to protect the jobs of our employees”, said Dumitru Matei, Eng., Electroprecizia General Manager."

Electroprecizia Small-Hydro Power Plant project of “GREEN” electricity generation implies setting up a new scheme correlated with the operation regime of Săcele water treatment plant and Târlung water accumulation operation schedule. Thus, there will be an efficient control over the intake process and especially over the transportation of raw water towards the treatment plant by replacing the existing pipe with a new one made of steel, treated against corrosion and laminated with a coating resin. This type of modern pipe is recommended for hydro-energetic applications, drinking-water contribution and sewerage systems.

"Săcele always had a problem with the drinking-water and this is the reason why we have been trying for many years to make improvements in this field. Investments in Electroprecizia Small-Hydro Power Plant represent an important step in this respect which will contribute to the quality improvement of supplied water. Furthermore, this project will result into an important saving for the local authorities budget of investments, the upgrade of water transport conditions being entirely made with Electroprecizia S.A. funds”, said the Mayor of Săcele, Mr. Radu NISTOR."

Electroprecizia Small-Hydro Power Plant will be placed at bases of the dam, replacing an old hydro-energetic plant commissioned in 1922 and operable till 1960’s.

"The most important thing for us, achieved through this Electroprecizia Small-Hydro Power Plant investment, is the security of drinking-water supply serving most of Brasov region citizens, by restoring the back-up pipe of SGA on this sector. Brasov County Council supports and encourages such investments which, beside the real benefits for people and environment, exploit the energetic potential of the area and represent an economic advantage for the county,” declared the Chairman of County Council, Mr. Aristotel Căncescu."

Electroprecizia Small-Hydro Power Plant project is part of a project of sustainable development of the area, initiated and coordinated by the ETREC Cluster consisting of the Brasov County Council, Săcele City Hall, Transilvania University, Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and which, among its main directions of action, aims to develop the alternative energetic systems.

Valuing the resources of renewable energy, including those of hydro-energetic nature – in units with installed power less than 10 MW – constitutes a constant preoccupation for Romania and European Union.

On Children’s Day, Electroprecizia and CliniClowns bring smiles and make gifts at Brasov Clinic Children’s Hospital

On 1st of June, CliniClowns Romania Foundation, in partnership with Electroprecizia SA, prepared a surprise for the kids admitted to Brasov Clinic Children’s Hospital. Thursday, 30th of May, cliniclowns “Cica” and “Lucica fără Frică” walked in to the hospital wards with balloons, joy and arms full of toys, much to the children’s but also present parents’ delight.

“Children’s International Day cannot pass unnoticed; we use to celebrate this event each year. Our purpose is to bring smiles on hospital admitted children who need a positive attitude to easily get over treatments and pain”, declared Martin Schiere, Co-Director of CliniClowns Romania Foundation."
“We are very happy that we joined CliniClowns at the action of 1st of June held at Brasov Clinic Children’s Hospital. For some moments, these children have forgotten the reason why they are at the hospital. Such moments are encouraging and help them to look optimistically towards recovery”, said PR Manager, Loredana CÎRJAN

About CliniClowns Romania Foundation

CliniClowns Romania is a non-profit organization present in Romania since 1995, whose purpose is to improve hospital admitted children's life. CliniClowns periodically sends its team of professional actors in hospitals in order to pay visits to the sick children, to bring smiles on their faces and improve their mental mood. Beside the hospitals of Iaşi, Bucharest, Brasov and Timişoara, CliniClowns clowns develop the smile therapy also in two centers dedicated to autistic children, i.e. ATCA and Napocensis of Bucharest.

About Electroprecizia SA

It is one of the most important manufacturers of single/three phase electric motors of Central and Southeastern Europe and also the main Romanian manufacturer of electric and electronic equipments for a wide range of motor vehicles, tractors and trucks. Beside tradition, quality and respect for customers, one of the company’s values is its care for the local community.